Real Estate Photography

_MG_1208-Pano copy
The House used to film an episode of Breaking Bad in North Albuquerque, south of Santa Fem NM. Beautiful house and back yard!

As a seller, it’s important to know that your real estate photos not only represent what’s for sale but are also taken with an aesthetic eye. A solid understanding of architecture, desired features, and design mixed with technical know-how and up to date photo gear give me an advantage.

Hire me and you’ll know that window views will be showcased, rooms will be in focus, colors will be correct and your property will be well covered, no matter how many photos it takes!



Real Estate Photography Pricing Information:

Prices for real estate photography start at $0.10/sq. ft. A lot of acreage,  unique architecture, and specialty photos sometimes accrue additional charges, but that’s rare.